How to develop a unique competitive advantage for your business in 2022

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2022 is the year of social media, the internet, and innovation, the year when every business is trying to develop a unique competitive advantage and stand out from the competition.

In The Website Agency, we call this “The Wow Factor”!

The Wow factor will not only differentiate your product or service but it will also make your audience excited about it. 

We regard this element to be so important that our strategy often starts by identifying and developing a unique competitive advantage.


How we develop “The Wow Factor”


To identify and develop your potential unique competitive advantage, there is a standard process that we follow – as part of delivering a marketing strategy and a creative concept for your campaigns:


Step 1: Business Audit


What makes your business unique? Let’s find out!

During the business audit phase, we have the role of your customer and get to experience what your customer does, when using your product or service.

We will point out anything that could be optimized and any useful amendments that would immediately upgrade your offering.

During this process, we try to identify your strengths, weaknesses, and your potential in terms of marketing innovation.

We do this by using multiple marketing innovation techniques and tools that will point out all the elements (existent or not) that can be used for your differentiation against your competitors.


Step 2: Competitive Research


We now have a clear image of your business and it is time to have a deeper look at your competition. 

During our competitive research, we are interested in:

a) local competitors,

b) international competitors,

c) their online activity,

d) their competitive advantage (if any),

e) their innovation approach (if any)

The outcome of the competitive research will contribute to the ideation process that will lead to the development of your creative concept.


Step 3: Unique Value Proposition


To create your unique value proposition we will take under consideration your audience’s needs and desires, and we will combine all the value elements that perfectly align both with your offering and your company’s vision. 

We will try not only to fulfill your customer’s needs but also to take a step further, enhancing your offering with creativity and a touch of innovation.

We will create needs that your customers did not know they have and cover those needs through a cutting-edge product or service.


Step 4: Ideation


We know what your customer needs, we know what your customer desires and we know everything about your offerings.

Now is the time for creativity!

During the ideation process, we develop a customer experience strategy giving multiple alternatives for a unique competitive advantage, using data generated from the previous steps.

We will write down a list of product or service amendments and combine those that best fits your needs to transform your business.


Step 5:  Business Transformation


Now that the creative process is complete is time for action!

The implementation phase consists of the following steps:

a) Product or service modification – Integrate the unique competitive advantage suggestions to your offerings

b) Website update – Build an updated website that aligns with your new communication strategy

c) Social media update – Update your social media to align with your communication strategy

d) Conversion funnel optimization – Optimize your conversion channels to increase sales & revenue


What are the deliverables of the service?

The deliverables of the Unique Competitive Advantage Development service are the following:

a) Business audit 

b) Competitive research

c) Unique value proposition analysis

d) Strategy

What can I expect regarding business performance?

After the implementation of the strategy, you will experience:

a) Sales boost

b) Website traffic boost

c) Social media engagement boost

d) Better consumer behavior in terms of purchase intent and brand sentiment


Let us generate your Unique Competitive Advantage!

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