10 Reasons to build your website using WordPress in 2022

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WordPress is the most popular Content Management System, as it provides unlimited options and functionalities together with an easy-to-use administration panel.

You either love it or hate it!

Many marketers and entrepreneurs insist on creating custom websites for their businesses but those who know how to benefit from WordPress would never exchange it for any other solution.

So why should you consider building your website with WordPress?

Here are some benefits you should be aware of before making your final decision:

1. Easy content management

Easy content management means that after the website is delivered to you, you – or your team members – will be able to manage most of the content on your own, without any special programming knowledge.

You will be independent, not having to call your developer every time you want a content update, a post or a report. 

Of course, to be able to manage your website on your own, you will need a training which is usually provided together with your project delivery by the developer that undertook the website implementation. 

2. Huge variety of addons

WordPress is a scalable platform. Starting from a basic website you can expand it and add functionality according to the needs that arise without having to face any technical restrictions or limitations. 

You simply upload and install addons to your website, which you can find on a huge variety online.

Addons can improve user experience and provide useful functionality regarding e-commerce, marketing, front-end, social media connectivity, analytics, and more. 

3. There’s a huge community of users and developers to support it

Any time, any place you can find a WordPress expert to help you.

A major problem in the web development industry is developer availability. Collaborations come and go and it sometimes need time and effort to find the right person who will undertake the task of maintaining your custom-built website when the previous developer is no longer in the picture.

With a WordPress website you will be completely independent and safe as you will always have millions of options. You can hire a developer online or find many agencies already familiar with your platform that are available to help you! 

4. It is great for SEO

SEO for WordPress is now made easy!

SEO plugins that are available on the market (free or premium) enable you to apply all modern SEO techniques and make your content friendly for Search Engines.

Plugins save you time and money as you will not need to hire an expert to make your website compliant with published standards and regulations. Easy set-up guides will guide you through the process.

5. WordPress is great for blogging

Originally created for bloggers, WordPress makes blogging easy and fun.

Build custom blog pages with element drag & drop, publish your posts and share them on social media with a click of a button. 

6. Customizable

Modern page builders make WordPress websites fully customizable. You can recreate any design you want, upload pre-built websites or work on custom design according to your needs. 

7. Secure

With daily Theme, plugin, and core updates you can make sure that your website is secure. Addons can provide you with extra security and always take backups on your computer. 

8. Optimized for speed

WordPress is a platform optimized for speed to provide a great user experience to your audience. WordPress developers focus on speed not only by optimizing the platform core, but also by creating and making accessible speed-optimized themes that offer up to 100% performance on search engines.

9. Multilingual

For businesses with international activity a multilingual website is a must. WordPress supports all languages and there is a huge variety of addons that will make your content multilingual. 

10. Mobile friendly

In 2022 most users surf the internet by their mobile phones. WordPress is mobile-first. This means that all your content will be mobile friendly automatically, without any intervention by your developers.

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